The Gelateria De’ Medici is the place where taste encounters research, where tradition embraces innovation. In its two locations, the first, historic one sited in Via dello Statuto and the second, more recent, in Piazza Beccaria, the Gelateria De 'Medici is pleased to recommend you its most innovative and original creations.

Via dello Statuto 3-5 Rosso
Tel: (+39) 055 475156

Piazza Beccaria 7 Rosso
Tel: (+39) 055 3860008


A fruit, some water and sugar: the first idea of ice cream was born with these simple ingredients, an ice cream you can discover among our proposals. In fact, our sorbets are prepared this way, in absolute simplicity and full respect for tradition.
Fresh milk and cream, together with sugar, are the ingredients that make up our fior di latte, which gives new life to our creations.



The Gelateria De’ Medici, with its solid foundation in Gelato culture, is the place where research is incessant so to enhance its taste and exquisiteness.



The care in the selection of the ingredients, combined with an ancient gelato making tradition, and the push to the continuous research of new tastes make the Gelateria De’ Medici a point of reference for all artisanal gelato lovers.


Ice cream becomes a raw material to shape, model and sculpt, to celebrate a significant occurrence. In fact, your cake will be unique, artfully personalized and interpreted through a combination of shapes, colours, geometries, and decorated by skilled hands. Every cake is created for a special person, for a unique event and, for all these reasons it must be perfect.

Sede Statuto

Via dello Statuto, 3/5r
50129 Firenze
Phone: 055 475156
P.Iva e C.F.: 04726300488

Sede Beccaria

Piazza Beccaria 7r
50121 Firenze
Phone: 055 386 0008

Some flavours vary according to the season.
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