The excellence of the product is the result of a careful research led to discover and experiment harmonies of colour and taste, softness and scent which involve all senses and offer moments of absolute pleasure. Tastefulness and refinement, to offer a touch of craftsmanship to your dinners and surprise your guests with appetizers and hors d'oeuvres accompanied by avocado and fig or mango and melon sorbets. Gorgonzola and pears ice cream will be the finest interlude on your
table; tamarillo and granadilla pitaya sorbet will be a charming rarity to be enjoyed directly from the beautiful fruit fillings, which will appeal sight as well as taste.

Finally, the Brachetto d'Aqui flute sorbet will accompany the dessert; the delicate marron glaces mousse, the rose scented chocolate, the passion for spiced chocolate with yogurt and ginger, or the aroma of rum cuneese chocolate.

Ice cream becomes the fascinating protagonist of a moment or an evening to remember forever.

The ingredients are always fresh and selected, the experience and passion dedicated to the processing of raw materials are our guarantee of authenticity and attention for the quality of our creations.

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